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Decorative Tin Box Surface Printer
Date: 2019-07-25 10:24 Visitor:
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Decorative Tin Box Surface Printer
The decorative tin box surface printer is applied with CMYK color system printing,any custom and logo can be printed out.
This tin box printer can print on the wood,metal,plastic, glass surface.
Decorative Tin Box Surface Printer
The ink used for this tin box printer is UV green ink, if need the edible, please be advise in advance, we can provide that too.
The tin box printer ink cost only 0.5$ around for 1 square meter, so it is very competitive cost for each tin box. 
If more about the speed for the tin box printer, contact sophiaatuvprinter-techdotcom to discuss more details.
Decorative Tin Box Surface Printer

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