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UV Ball Pen Printer
Date: 2019-07-26 14:34 Visitor:
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UV Ball Pen Printer
As the low cost and daily used goods as ball pens, it's always widely used as a free promotional gift in exhibitions, promotional activities, enterprise stationery. etc, by UV printing the company logos, slogans, contact information on pen body and pen clips like creative business card. 
UV Ball Pen Printer
Hanhuang customized pen box and ball pen printer can help you capture the small orders, like company logos, souvenir for celebrating an event or occasion, family and friends customized pen. Etc, as well as batch printing up to thousands of pens. 
Empowered by the piezo print technology ,this custom ball pen printer solution delivers the colors onto the pens and pen box in photo quality and highest resolution. 
This UV pen printer offers an option for white printing allowing different print results including vintage matte, 3D embossed/textured, and natural glossy. 
UV Ball Pen Printer
More details , please contact sophiaatuvprinter-techdotcom to discuss more details.

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