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UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer
Flatbed Printer HH-UV-6565
Hanhuang UV printer can print on any flat medium material surface like plastic,leather,metal, ceramic tile with any digital photo designs.
Product introduction
Flatbed Printer HH-UV-6565 
Company Introduction:
Hanhuang (Guangzhou) Image Technology Co., Ltd was located in Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.We are focusing on developing and producing small Flatbed Printer HH-UV-6565.
Flatbed Printer HH-UV-6565 Introduction:
Compared to the traditional printing, the UV Flatbed Inkjet Printers made the work more easier and convenient, for these machines operation, just need one people and one computer, then it can print on any medium material like acrylic, plastic,leather,metal sheet, ceramic tile with any digital photo designs.
UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer Pictures:
Flatbed Printer HH-UV-6565
Flatbed Printer HH-UV-6565 Specification:
HH-UV-6565 Specification
Print head  TX800/2PCS
Printing method 1,White;2,Multicolor;3,Varnish
Printing software PhotoPrint/UItraprint
Max printing size 65cm*65cm
Printing model CMYKWW
Printing height 40CM
Printing precision 720*1440*2880dpi
Printing Speed 4.5/hour,3.5/hour,2.5/hour
Ink type   UV environmentally ink
Ink consumption 15ml/m²
Ink system 250ml*6colors
Operation system win95/98/2000/xp/win7/win8/win10
Power/Voltage 110-220V  50-60HZ
Printing interface USB2.0
Solidification LED UV Lamp
Net/Gross weight 200kg/250kg
Outsize 1250*1800*1150(mm)
Packaging size 1280*1830*1180(mm)
Warranty 3years(Not included Printing head)
Flatbed Printer HH-UV-6565 Video link:
Flatbed Printer HH-UV-6565 Application:
Flatbed Printer HH-UV-6565Flatbed Printer HH-UV-6565
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